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Sass up your do.

You may have seen a few of my hair tutorial pins on Pinterest called the Twisted Pony and the Wavy Hair tutorial . I have totally chopped off all my locks and I am creating new fun ways to do my short hair now! NOTE TO READERS: Bored when your husband is gone for the night at school?  DO NOT PLAY WITH SCISSORS on YOUR OWN HAIR. I learned that the hard way! Bad Mindy. I went from long lushes hair to a pixie cut over night! Couldn’t have just turned on a movie or something to pass time… Nope that would have been too easy. Instead I opted to literally cut  ALL my hair off. Gutsy or Stupid? I’m going with stupid.

Now that my hair is starting to grow out, I feel I can start showing pictures of it again! So, here is a short do, I have been doing lately. This Style is pretty simple. You do have to have layers in your short hair to get the full effect, I have SUPER thick hair too.

First Start off by washing, drying, and flat ironing your hair. Go one day with straight hair. (This gives it a better piecey effect)

Second Day: I used a 1 inch Conair  curling iron (my favorite) to flip out the bottom around my neck and my ears. Then I wrap the top hair strands around the curling iron so that it will only curl the middle of the strand. I hold it for about 3-5 seconds, curling away from my face. Then let loose. Once you have done that pretty much all over minus the bottom areas of your hair, I use AXE clean cut look Pomade. By grabbing some on the tips of your fingers and then pulling on the ends of your hair. You want it to be piecey and messy for this look, don’t over do the pomade though or you will end up looking greasy, and your hair will not have as much volume!


Hope you enjoy! Sometimes it is hard to find new things to do with short hair! Come back again for more hair tutorials! I will be starting the “It works” hair and nail vitamins and showing you how to grow your hair fast in the next tutorial!


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